Hardwood Flooring – Five Things to Know


Whether you are building a brand new house or remodeling the previous one, it is hard to say no to hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring in Phoenix is known for its natural beauty, warm colors and ability to complement any kind of design style.

So let’s delve into hardwood floors and look at five things you should recognize.

1. There are two sorts of hardwood floors.
Solid wood and Engineered wood. Solid wood flooring is specifically like they sound. Each plank is 100% solid wood made of a single piece of timber. Although solid wood is gorgeous, it is additionally a natural material. Natural materials can shrink or expand if there are changes in moisture or temperature. For this reason, solid hardwood floors are not suggested for bathrooms or underground spaces. Engineered hardwood, on the other hand, is formed from three to ten layers – additionally known as plies – of wood that have been glued along. Because it has multiple plies, engineered wood is stronger than solid wood and greatly reduces the possibility of shrinking, expanding, or warping. Due to this, engineered wood is often used underground in finished basements.

2. Hardwood comes in a variety of wood species.
Determining the kind of wood for your floors can return all the way down to your personal preference and what’s within your budget. Wood comes in multiple colors and every species has its own distinctive details to contemplate, like grain, swirls, and knots. Red oak is one amongst the foremost popular hardwood flooring choices in America due to its sturdiness and made red color. Oak could be a chromatic grey color and even stronger than oak. Pine is understood for its heat yellow tones and its ability to repel insects. There is additionally maple, birch, walnut, ash and more exotic woods like tigerwood, Brazilian cherry or lapacho.

3. Hardwood floors are simple to clean and maintain.
One of the best reasons to put in hardwood floors is the easy cleanup and maintenance. Carpet has to be vacuumed frequently and then deep cleaned every few years if you wish to keep it looking nice. Hardwood floors solely want some dusting with a microfiber cloth or sweeping with a soft-bristled broom for normal cleaning. When you wish to mop, use a hardwood floor cleaner rather than water because water will react with the wood. You may also need to polish and buff your floors every few months.

4. You may need to refinish your hardwood floors.
Because of traffic and natural use, hardwood floors tend to develop some wear and tear over time. That doesn’t mean your floor is ruined. It simply means it might be time to possess your floors refinished. Refinishing also can be used to improve or modify the overall look of your home. If you opt to refinish your hardwood floors, you can prefer a special stain color to switch things up.

5. Hardwood floors don’t have to be expensive.
Since wood is natural, it would be a bit more expensive than a non-natural material. And there are undoubtedly more expensive choices, but you can additionally find hardwood at lower cost points. Less costly wood might have more knots, imperfections, color variations and fewer layers of engineered wood. But, it is still hardwood – simply at a better worth.

Whether or not to install hardwood floors in your house is a giant call. Hopefully, this information helps to provide you an inspiration of what’s out there and what you can expect.

Author: Alliance Floor Covering

Alliance Flooring Services specializes in the installation of all phases of commercial and residential floor covering.

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